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Sunny Coast Conditions
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just trying to save you dollars
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Sunny Coast Conditions

How lucky are we to live in the most beautiful place in Australia..... The Sunshine Coast.
Unfortunately for our cars though, the conditions here are alot harsher than most areas.
The salty sea spray causes rust to form quicker, and paint to be damaged on our vehicles.
A simple, long term  solution can come in the form of Electronic Rust Protection and Premium Paint Protection.
Imagine your car being treated with a product that will put a "mask" over you paint.  Premium Paint Protection does just that. It is applied an let dry, putting a hard Teflon coating on your car, which keeps that new car shine! It stops the salty air eating into the paint. It stops the bird and bat poo wrecking your car. Then add an Electronic Rust Unit and your car will be saved from our harsh Coast elements. Where we live, these products are a necessity. Plus, for new cars less than 12 months old, the products come with a MANUFACTURERS LIFETIME WARRANTY! How could you go wrong!! Call today for a quote.