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just trying to save you dollars
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Just trying to save you dollars

We all would like more money. That would also include me.
Recently we have lost some customers to the dark side due to our prices being too cheap. As a man whom loves to save money I find this quite a problem.
I don't think I have ever walked out of a shop because they are too cheap. The word "cheap" doesn't really apply to us. We just do it cheaper and this is done by refusing to make a 1000% mark up on window film. As for quality, the market has tightened and films available are comparative and installation between companies is much too the same standard.
Our price is based on a few simple rules, I do it right the first time cutting back on redo's, we use a Globally used film bought direct from the manufacturer. We are independent and get to choose that manufacturer and we use our profits to improve our business. Simple but effective.
It has to be said we are one of the few Independent Tinters working from a leased premises and not a car or van on the Sunshine Coast.
It's time to stand up from yourselves and save some money. And when deciding whether to use us or not remember this, we have some global companies on our books that we tint for, so we cant be too bad including Government owned schools.