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Sunny Coast Conditions
Windscreen Tinting
It's time to get serious
Just trying to save you dollars


just trying to save you dollars
Windscreen Tinting
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Sunny Coast Conditions

How lucky are we to live in the most beautiful place in Australia..... The Sunshine Coast.
Unfortunately for our cars though, the conditions here are alot harsher than most areas.
The salty sea spray causes rust to form quicker, and paint to be damaged on our vehicles.
A simple, long term  solution can come in the form of Electronic Rust Protection and Premium Paint Protection.
Imagine your car being treated with a product that will put a "mask" over you paint.  Premium Paint Protection does just that. It is applied an let dry, putting a hard Teflon coating on your car, which keeps that new car shine! It stops the salty air eating into the paint. It stops the bird and bat poo wrecking your car. Then add an Electronic Rust Unit and your car will be saved from our harsh Coast elements. Where we live, these products are a necessity. Plus, for new cars less than 12 months old, the products come with a MANUFACTURERS LIFETIME WARRANTY! How could you go wrong!! Call today for a quote.

Windscreen Tinting

Not one of my favourite subjects,
Window Tinting is one of the favoured ways of making an average car look like something else. And for the budget minded it is also the cheapest. Certainly if you get it from us.
 But there is a new dangerous wave on the coast that will cost money and lives of some of our younger and sometimes older drivers.
 Tinting their windscreen, some coast businesses that should know better are tinting windscreens and asking to sign away your rights with a waiver.

It's time to get serious

Scary stuff,
 We have really made a big impact on the local market. Which has forced some operators to takes risks. We lost out on a quote that was actually more expensive than ours. The customer fitted a 1 1/2 WERS rated film over the 2 1/2 Star WERS rated film that we offered. Ok, layman terms, a less energy rated film than ours for more money.
Why, because the installer offered a premium range over and above his 5 years warranty ebay crap film.
 When times are tough our customer really need to do their research and be aware that crooks are out there.

Just trying to save you dollars

We all would like more money. That would also include me.
Recently we have lost some customers to the dark side due to our prices being too cheap. As a man whom loves to save money I find this quite a problem.
I don't think I have ever walked out of a shop because they are too cheap. The word "cheap" doesn't really apply to us. We just do it cheaper and this is done by refusing to make a 1000% mark up on window film. As for quality, the market has tightened and films available are comparative and installation between companies is much too the same standard.