Tinted - Quality Car and House Tinting
Rustproofing, inside door coverage.

Tinted, we get dirty so you dont have to.Rustproofing, professionally sprayed with attention to detail. 
We get dirty so you don't have to. Spray rustproofing is your best chance to play hard without risking the family driver.
At Tinted we use a black rubberised spray that once dry will do its job for many years to come. 
We apply an Underbody and Upperbody spray. Which sets us apart from the rest. We take care of your vehicle. Taping up body panels to prevent overspray. As well removing all possible trims, scuff panels etc for great interior coverage. 
Most Vehicles cost from $495and new cars attract a Lifetime Factory Warranty.(conditions do apply).

Tinted Rustproofing ona four post hoist.Great Packages also available for older cars to get to a few more years out of them.